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Ergonomics and human factors: Sequale's expertise

Ergonomics and Human Factors

Our operational areas in Ergonomics and Human Factors

Cognitive ergonomics and Organizational & Human Factors (OHF)

  • Analysis of how tasks are performed and anticipation of OHF-related risks
  • Study of the cognitive processes and human reliability
  • Definition of Plans for the Integration of Human Factors (PIHFs) into projects
  • Ergonomic design of control systems (computerized systems and control rooms layout)

Ergonomics and system usability / Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

  • Analysis of situations involving HMI
  • Evaluation of the ergonomics of interfaces, applications and supervision systems (heuristic analysis according to the ergonomic criteria applied to HCI)
  • Design of the user interfaces (prototypes, models)
  • Conception and performing of user acceptance testing
  • Formulating of HCI specifications

Ergonomics and prevention of occupational hazards

  • Occupational hazards mitigation and work environment improvement
  • Occupational risks assessment and the French “Single Safety Document”
  • Prevention of psychosocial hazards and musculoskeletal disorders

Workspace ergonomics

  • Observation of the working environment: noise, light, etc.
  • Conception and arrangement of future workstations

Ergonomics and disabled people employment

  • Accessibility and adaptation of the workplace (supervision, operation and control rooms, tertiary workplaces, etc.)
  • Professional reintegration

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