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Ergonomics and human factors engineer

Ergonomist and human factors engineer

Ergonomics (also often called Human Factors) is the scientific discipline that aims for a fundamental understanding of the interactions between humans and the other components of any system, together with the profession that applies theoretical principles, data and methods with a view to optimising both the well-being of individuals and the overall performance of systems.

The practitioners of ergonomics, referred to as “ergonomists”, contribute to the planning, design and evaluation of tasks, jobs, products, organisations, environments and systems with a view to making them compatible with the needs, capacities and constraints of the persons involved (definition provided by the International Ergonomics Association-IEA, 2000).

Ergonomists need to have an understanding of the entire discipline, taking into account a whole range of factors: physical, cognitive, social, organisational, and environmental.

They often make their contributions at the analysis and R&D stages, i.e. the preliminary phases of a project.

The specialised fields of ergonomics are as follows:

  • Physical ergonomics
  • Cognitive ergonomics
  • Organisational ergonomics

Our missions

  • To analyse needs
  • To put in place a participatory approach with the various stakeholders involved in a given project
  • To carry out field studies of current operations
  • To conduct interviews with the various participants in the project
  • To hold work groups with the participants involved
  • To draft a diagnosis on the basis of an in-depth field study
  • To draft ergonomic recommendations
  • To hold meetings to explain the results of the study
  • To provide assistance for implementing the action plan

Our ergonomists act as an “interface” so as to enable the Project Owners and the Project Managers to communicate and understand each other better with a view to sharing a clear vision of the products and devices to be included in the design.

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