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Supervision of QHSE Radiation safety site

Project supervision

Radiation protection supervision

SEQUALE provides dedicated on-site radiation protection managers to oversee documentary procedures, give technical support, prevent hazardous situations and manage deviations throughout the project.

  • Representation when dealing with institutions (ASN, Security and Quality Management, Radiation Safety Department, etc.)
  • Workplace study (creation of radiological work permits)
  • Radiological mapping (Irradiation, Contamination)
  • On-site dosimetry monitoring (individual, collective)
  • Waste management advice
  • Mitigating concurrent activity risks
  • Ensuring compliance with safety guidelines
  • Document management (quality assurance documents, operating procedures, risk analyses, authorizations, etc.)
  • Managing deviations and contingencies (anomalous dose rates, going above the radiological estimate, etc.)

QHSE supervision

SEQUALE can arrange for one of our HSQE officers to be in the field permanently or for scheduled visits.

  • Project preparation: reviewing and updating documents and procedures (hot work permits, safety briefings, etc.).
  • Risk management and securing of activities through daily risk analysis: safety meetings, management of concurrent activities and external contractors, PPE usage, HSQE regulations, etc.
  • Accident analysis tools and methods: causal tree, 5Ps, Ishikawa diagram, etc.
  • Corrective actions
  • Interface between various participants: Health & Safety Coordinator, site foreman, shift supervisor, Work inspector, etc.
  • Compliance with REACH and ATEX regulations

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