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Our commitments


SEQUALE strives for a lasting and profitable relation with both its clients and its staff members.

SEQUALE's image is associated with requirements of quality and responsiveness. It makes a point of meeting these expectations in all circumstances.

The integration of junior engineers is a key step for SEQUALE, which puts in place a process of training and mentoring with experienced engineers.

SEQUALE encourages its engineers to develop their technical skills. They execute numerous assignments of varying kinds, follow a continuous training process and share their skills with other consultants. Through these efforts, the SEQUALE teams acquire transverse skills and can adapt to any situation.

Our commitments to our Clients

SEQUALE wishes to provide optimal quality of service and responsiveness to its customers. To that end, it prepares and follows its operations with great care.

SEQUALE has a team dedicated to the management of its assignments. Our staff thoroughly monitors current projects in order to fulfill safety concerns and compliance with regulatory requirements.

SEQUALE has been CEFRI-E certified since 2012 and ISO 9001 certified since 2014. Our Quality Management and Radiation Safety Management Systems are fully integrated into the Information System that structures the operation of the company, and are geared towards daily customer relations.

Our commitments to our Employees

Our skilled head-office team organizes operations and handles all logistical matters (travel arrangements, administrative procedures, etc.). They also follow, manage and provide support to our employees on assignment.

Our team of consultants is professional, active and qualified:

  • Our employees carry out numerous assignments, which develops their versatility and benefits career development.
  • We accompany them through their careers and ensure their skills are kept up-to-date by implementing a yearly training program.
  • We provide them with a stable work-life balance for the sake of personal fulfilment.

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